Our stock sales catalyst that’s tailored to you.

Whether you want us to style the curtains, lights, furniture and artwork or simply help you decide which options will work best for your next stock show unit, you’ll find it’s all as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Mix and match or choose all 3.

Curtain & Lights + Furniture Packs

Furniture Packs + Styling & Artwork

Furniture Packs + Styling & Artwork

Number 1

Curtains & Lights

Whether your stock plots need a quick injection of warmth and light or you are offering a sales incentive: our curtains & lights package features a range of colours, textures & patterns curated by our design team to cater for all contemporary tastes.

Number 2

Furniture Packs

Selected to appeal to investors & home owners alike, and designed to reflect modern living tastes across the whole spectrum of property styles and space; each piece has also been selected to deliver short order and fast installation timescales.

Number 3

Styling & Artwork

To complete the look, we will apply the finishing styling touches that elevate a sales incentive into a fully furnished stock show unit. Achieved at a highly cost effective price point, designed and project managed by the same team that creates our award winning bespoke show home schemes.

As we all return to a different world we’re adapting to meet your needs. SB123 is there to help you to sell homes. It’s simple, cost-effective and flexible.

If you’re ready, then so are we.

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