Home Grown Talent
Jason Graves
Head of Warehouse & Installation

With his army background, Jason ensures our warehouse operations are run with military precision. He gives us a glimpse into the broad range of skills that are vital to making sure our projects get delivered on time, every time.
Gary Hesketh
Head of Styling
He's the archetypal creative mind; our foremost stylist applies thought, flair and absolute commitment to every project he undertakes. He's also got a bit of magic in those fingers...
Jackie Summerfield
Design Account Manager & Managing Director
Jackie is a real people person, and she doesn't mind a little monkeying around from time to time. She's been here from the start as our founder, find out what working at Show Business means to her.
Debbie Evans
Creative Director
Her role as a Designer means Debbie gets to live and breathe her passion daily. We discover her flair for the creative process as well as her ability to put together an interesting combination!
Corrie McLellan
Head of Operations
Corrie has a CV packed full of expertise acquired across corporate UK commercial and buying roles such as Tesco, WH Smith and Shop Direct. She talks us through the importance of teamwork to our business and what makes her a bit jumpy.
Home. Grown. Talent.
Behind the Scenes
Take a look at how the team came together to create our quick fire interview series. Despite all the preparation, it didn't always go to plan! So look out for the scenes that didn't make the cut...