Without a Shadow of a Doubt

Every vase, every frame, every cushion there for a reason.


Every toy, every light, every book there for a reason.

Every mirror, every flower, every candlestick there for a reason.

Everything perfectly placed. To tell the story, to sell the dream. To make a house a home. That’s what we do. And we do it well. We love being creative and we are passionate about telling stories that sell houses and make them feel like the perfect home. We breed ‘attention to detail’ and look at everything that’s placed in each room and the house as a whole. We understand that the house needs to feel relevant to the people viewing and that they can see themselves leaving there.

This is our job.

This is the minimum of what is expected of us. To celebrate our work and to show how we look near and far to find the right item for the right room and the right scheme we created our new campaign that shows exactly what we do. So, if you have seen the adverts recently in Show Home Magazine and thought that the shadow was an after thought - a Photoshop job then think again.

Our short video will show you all need to know, the effort and attention to detail we put in to our work and how we even roll our sleeves up and develop the creative campaign.

Let’s leave you without a shadow of a doubt.