Visiting the IMM Cologne Furniture Fair

We revisited the IMM Furniture & Interiors Fair this year, and spread over 3 chilly days and 49,000 steps later, here’s what we managed to find.

One thing that we really noticed this year was the attention to detail in each stand; this was particularly noticeable through the use of hand-carved, unique pieces which seem to be making more of an appearance to add value and character to any interior. The idea of using solid, raw materials makes us feel more in touch with the earth as appose to bulk-buying the mass production pieces.

Photo 1

Photo 2

We continue to see attention to detail through the use of special seam and stitch detail in upholstery which seems to add a certain uniqueness and individuality to any soft-furnishing. Upholstery is starting to become the staple feature in all living spaces.

Photo 3

Photo 4

One of my favourite parts about this year’s exhibition was the return of the colour clash… so wrong yet so right! Bold colours have played a huge part in this year’s exhibition, especially the use of strong clay tones, paired with shades of vibrant primary-red to really make a piece pop. It seems that we are seeing a bolder approach in the way in which we use more daring colours, moving away from perfectly matched palettes. This can also be seen through the use of unusual and geometric shapes.

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The Pure Talents hall was a real treat to visit – the hall in which promotes the next generation of interior design. We saw new interior design concepts and young designers reinventing themselves through unusual and unique ways (from floating origami to inflatable lighting!)

Photo 8

Photo 9

Of course it wouldn’t be the same without the continued use of luxurious marble and sumptuous velvets across the stands this year – and Cologne certainly didn’t disappoint us. We continue to see the use of bright jewel-toned velvets contrasted with subtle luxurious nudes which really heighten the use of visual texture, instantly making us feel like we want to test each piece (and we wouldn’t be lying if we said we didn’t…)

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We are still fascinated by the use of natural materials being used through interior, much similar to the natural hand-carved pieces, this adds a level of value. Whether it be used in a high-end scheme to complement soft nudes, or paired with young oak tones to add as contemporary twist.