Visionary Winter Trends

VISIONARY inspires a global conversation about what can be achieved when we merge wisdoms from the past, lessons from nature and technologies of the future.

It’s about idea sharing on a grand scale with a unified agenda of betterment. It’s indicative of the growing intention of Designers and Industry to respect the natural order of things and to harness advanced technologies (eg A.I, robotics, nanotechnology) in a quest for progression.

Utopian-thinking informs the trend’s direction; marking the start of having an optimistic view of the future… hoping for something better. We’re invited to imagine a world of our own making that has harmony between people, technology and nature, encouraging us to explore new possibilities and embrace the future. Acknowledging the essentialness of human connection and kindness in the quest for happiness.

This design trend is intelligent, intuitive and forward thinking. Advocating innovation and curiosity but strives for a natural beauty with appealing glamour.

There’s a delicate, gentle & poetic appearance but also with futuristic elements. VISIONARY encourages us to have emotional engagements with the environment, with each other and with technology.

It’s a scientific style and aesthetic, yet it’s beautiful and captivating. Overall the trend is inspired by biomimicry - a practice that learns from and mimics the strategies found in nature to solve human design challenges — and find hope along the way.

The main features of this trend in terms of aesthetic values, products and mood are best described as; having a structured, controlled, rational and clean but also organic, intricate and sophisticated appearance. It’s calming as well as intriguing. VISIONARY’s cutting-edge qualities do not prevent it from being a very inviting, welcoming appearance. There is a human approach to the design; with the ultimate objective being to enable enhanced personal wellbeing.

There is a sense of luminosity and radiance; a subtle glow of the future and an uplifting lightness that guides us through these darker times. Furniture, kitchens and products are sleek, surfaces are high gloss and the stylistic attitude appears to have high end appeal. Natural and synthetic materials gently merge rather than clash with the angular, stricter product shapes balanced out by organic, networked structures. They’re inspired by tree branches, root systems, coral structures, leaf venation patterns and cells as well as living plants.

Our daily interactions with technology become more discreet, pleasing and intimate. Intelligent materials react and respond… technology is even integrated into natural materials such as wood being used as a touch interface. Metallics are central; gold fringing, ultra fine chains and metal mesh materials create jewellery-like product design, whilst colour-tined metallic gives interiors a sense of morphing transformation.

The VISIONARY colour palette is glamorous and technical. It merges soft skin tones with ethereal pastels, coloured metallic and a spectrum of greens. It includes a futuristic silver (which is a nod to our hi-tech, robotic future) a shade of tan complexion and a radiant coral gold. Also featured is an iced violet and metallic mauve. Strikingly accented by a misty jade Green as well as a mesmerising Iridescent sheen and pale gold. There are 3 greens in the palette confirming the popularity of this colour and its continuing desirability for interiors.  A rich port tone completes the scope of this ultra-luxe range of colours.