Time for change

Betterment; a making or becoming better.

What does the future look like? A question which will resonate with many of us on various topics of late

The last 12 months have been a time of reflection, but now, as we emerge into hopeful better days; what have we learnt? and what will we be willing to do better, for ourselves, our future generation and our incredible planet

Here's how I explore our natural instinct to 'do better' and 'be better' when making choices and change in our everyday decisions.

For example; we all, now more than ever before love to recycle. The words re use, reclaimed and upcycle are now a regular feature within our vocabulary. We are proud when waste materials get a second life. The understanding of ethically and responsibly manufactured materials; whether made from manmade or natural products fills us with glee and feature within many materials, surfaces and effects in our every day.

Spiced terrazzo. Timber terrazzo. Reprocessed plastics and resins with a marble like appearance. Corrugated cardboard (which is much stronger than you think!) Fuzzy and brushed textile surfaces; matted, teased and tangled. Deep velvet and elephant corduroy. Acid wash denim (a personal fave!) Loose threads and scattered French knot embellishments. The naturally fire-resistant qualities of wool make it ideal for colourful, oversized knitted, crocheted and yarn wrapped lighting pieces. Cork with a carved appearance. Powder coated metal and wood, feeling silky smooth then the rounded ribbed textures and natural strings wrapped or even knotted together

We are all connected

But what about colour? A natural muted colour palette of Mellow Retro Yellow and Butterscotch stand perfectly connected to the to the feeling of betterment.

Recognised by leading colour designer Pantone

Combine these tones, textures and patterns with those additional pops of colour and voila a collection of mood boards ready to inspire our better selves for the future schemes we have planned