The Power of Greenery

All hail the power of greenery, an easy and cost-effective way to freshen up any home.

Plants, whether real or artificial, are quickly becoming a staple in any home. A simple injection of greenery can totally transform a space, from dreary and bland to warm and inviting.

The addition of a pop of green can really change the mood of the room, brightening up the existing colours in the space but also making the design seem more cohesive and homely.

The process of “bringing the outdoors in” is one which has had people hooked on greenery, enabling even the most urban of dwellings to have a taste of nature, creating an indoor oasis.

For those homes which don’t come with any outside space, this is the perfect way to inject some nature into your home.

Green Home

The availability of good quality faux greenery, cacti and succulents has largely assisted the concept of “bringing the outdoors in”, meaning a very realistic looking air plant or stem of eucalyptus can be picked up from just about any retailer at a very minimal cost.

Also good news for those who struggle keeping real plants alive – no need to add water! A simple, readily available accessory to brighten up your home.

Here’s how we do it at SBI.

Green Home

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