The New Neutral Colours

New Neutrals

Already this year we have seen a lot of colour in interiors and the way we see and use different shades in our home is changing.

White, grey and beige have long been the go-to colours for decorating homes and while they create a calm, soothing and minimal interior, these shades have had their day – a new group of neutrals are now taking over.

New neutrals on the scene

Pale, yet very interesting, are the new neutrals on the scene at the moment. We are seeing lots of soft, delicate blush pinks, shades of lilac and lavender, ice cream mint and peachy tones and they are very much cementing their place within interior design this year.

These shades are a definite nod to the retro themes taking over many design schemes of 2018 and have a certain feeling of 1950s Miami.

They are a grown up take on pastel shades, exerting more warmth, sophistication and intrigue.

Neutral Colours

Unlock real potential of any home

Pale Mint Colour

The new neutrals, rather than being another fast moving “trend”, can change the way you look at colour and use it to decorate your home. The right shade of tea rose or pale mint green can totally transform a room from cold and dull to an interesting contemporary space and can help to unlock the real potential of any home.

These colours, not only being contemporary and of the moment, can help to create a long lasting stylish space – paired with the right furniture and accessories can see you through the seasons as the warmth and sophistication of such colours can suit the right space at any time of year.

What is more, these delightful shades are much easier to work with compared with previously seen rich jewel tones or bold bright colours. They are softer, delicate and more forgiving – which in turn helps to create a soothing yet warm and inviting space which is easy on the eye.