Search your soul for 2021 design trends

Soul Searching: Summer’s journey to self-discovery

‘Our intention creates our reality’ … and so despite, or perhaps because of, the protectionism and nationalism setting a turbulent tone of ‘Them and Us’ in the world; many people are taking a more open-armed approach of tolerance and inclusivity.

Angkor Wat - Cambodia, Florence Broadhurst - Papyrus Velvet Fabric, Hako Bar - Mesh

YouGov polls show that fewer than 10% of the population want life to return to how it was before the pandemic.

Completely at odds with many Government strategies and capitalist economics, but completely aligned with Gen Z’s (under 25’s) rallying cries for equality and a better world; there is a genuine, and most sincere, desire to bring about an alternative to the inequality, economics, environmental and political despair of recent years.

Soul Searching begins with a ‘lived Utopianism’ on an individual basis, liberating yourself from a blind conformity and social norms. Not waiting for change but creating change to live your own idea of a ‘better, happier life’.

During lockdowns everywhere, and in continuing pandemic times, many people have used the time to contemplate how they want to live and what elements of lockdown-lifestyle they actually want to maintain.

Next summer, we’ll see more evidence of consumers wanting to escape to a Happy Place. Away from a world full of negativity, uncertainty and aggression.

The spiritual and wellbeing retreats and temples of South and South East Asia will provide the inspiration for relaxed lifestyles and décor.

The summer of ‘21 will see us begin a search for ‘more

More meaning, more understanding, more kindness, more connection, more freedom, more equality, and for that most valued of modern-day luxuries... more time.

Time in which to feel and experience.

Consumers will move to being curious and accepting of difference with regard to cultures and customs. A change that manifests in surface pattern and food trends, just as much as actual social inclusivity.

The sun streams through this trend's colour palette.

A lazy morning glow warms the pastels, harvested browns as the metallics usher in a sense of laidback optimism.

Primary accent colours will be mellow yellow and papaya. Both have a ‘refreshing’ message and emotion.

The most prominent colours will prove to be the instinctive appeal of teal, jungle green, bronze and cocoa brown.

As previously mentioned, yellow will trend strongly. A ‘Happy, Sunny, Yellow’ will lift spirits and connect your home to that feeling.

Villa by the Lake - Alexander Diem, .Misia Paris - Capucin Cushion, .Kooku Design - Forever Armchair

Soul Searching

Green and all of it shades continue to trend strongly. They connect us with the earth, to nature and this gives us a sense of wellbeing, reassurance and a sense of feeling grounded; mirroring the anti-polluting and soothing effect of welcoming plants into the home.Inspired by the soft textures of sand and pebbles the trend for using more natural surfaces in our homes continues.

Papaya is another colour that will increase in popularity and use in the home, this will be both as a colour and as a pattern.

In this image we see how we can re-create the emotions of compassion, happiness, contentment and a sense of escape into a room-scheme. It meets the changing priorities of people, as these adjust from the material things in life to the emotional... from ‘stuff’ to ‘spirituality’.

It is a richly patterned trend, ornate and eclectic, but the result is not heavy, rather there is a feeling of lightweight delicacy and hazy transparency.

There is also an appreciation of rustic qualities and artisanal skills; the simplicity and honesty of indigenous crafts. These elements come together to create suitable settings for moments of simple self-indulgence, self-care and reflection … pausing for pleasure.

Yes there is a ‘summer of love’ hippy vibe, that echoes the 'peace, love + protest' of the late 60’s and 70’s America, but this look is not about ‘dropping out’ or even an off-grid lifestyle.

And it’s certainly less frivolous than being a Bohemian style.

Relevant materials are from gauzy embroidered sheers to devore velvets, bronze toned ornamental metalworks, teak and mango wood, leathers and suedes.

Patterns that help get the look just right include intricate mandalas and palm, banana, fern leaves as well as wildlife motif such as macaque monkeys, elephants, tigers and leopards.

Plenty to pursue for sure.

The team at Show Business Interiors are busy designing show home schemes influenced by this enchanting trend for launches well into 2021.

Here's just a few examples...

Soul Searching

Soul Searching

Soul Searching

Soul Searching

Soul Searching

Soul Searching