SATORI design trend

SATORI is a Design Trend that began to emerge during the Spring/Summer of 2020

SATORI is not only a design trend but a lifestyle choice; one I am certainly keen to explore.

Here is why...

The longevity of SATORI is influenced by it’s relevance to wellbeing, calm, sanctuary, sustainability and purpose. Certainly something which has been the forefront of many minds during recent times. There is widespread desire for a life with these qualities and will be for some time to come. This makes SATORI a trend with wide appeal to people from many walks of life.

SATORI refers to the experience of ‘seeing into one’s true nature’ and acquiring a new point of view of life and the world.

A type of Enlightenment

We are encouraged to reflect on the Art of Living. To seek out and maintain a rhythm that feels natural, not forced. To avoid distractions and reduce friction. We seek to control our excesses and covetousness by using discipline & groundedness as tools to carve out contentment.


The ‘SATORI’ trend in terms of products, aesthetics and mood looks like this.


There is a reserved mood. It’s elegant, controlled, understated with a mysterious sense of separateness & serenity

Deeper levels of compassion and consideration for ourselves as well as the natural world, are at the core of SATORI’s objectives of serenity, balance and preservation.

Many Japanese traditions can provide us with the wisdom to create balance within ourselves and our homes. In recent times we’ve looked to East Asia seeking to cultivate calmness both inside and around ourselves; grace & composure.
When the unnecessary, excess & meaningless aspects of our lives are removed, our true-nature is revealed. This leads to an aspiration to live with products & in spaces that have integrity... essentially that compliment our new composed state of mind.

A quiet, understated certainty & serenity pervades this design trends colour palette

The raked gravel grey is a reference to the Japanese dry landscape. It’s complimented by both the river-washed denim blue and celadon green all of which are enlivened by the Koi red which will be common as an accent colour. A touch of luxury is added by the weathered gold, larch wood and muted peach blossom. A very dark, inky indigo and charred wood black will become the ‘main event’ colours for the SATORI trend.


In terms of materials the trend relies on those that ‘build-in’ to products & structures integrity.
Woods that reflect this are larch, ash, beech and eucalyptus woods. These are at their best in terms of the SATORI trend’s design aesthetics when they are used in a slightly griege tones. Surface textures that reflect the trend are ribbed, raked, chiselled or grooved paired. Marble, granite, stone, sustainable cottons and of course, folded paper are all key to getting the ‘look’ of this trend right.
In terms of pattern for wall coverings, cherry & peach blossom, iris & the petal shapes of Camellia Japonica inspire stylised florals. Colour washed inky landscapes of rolling hills & steep mountain peaks. These are perhaps the key design elements to be considered.

The final element to the SATORI design is Geometrics; whilst geometrics are not specifically called for as a pattern element in this trend, when used in conjunction with SATORI’s colour palette they immediately provide calm because of the sense of order seen in the image.

Here are a few examples to now see how the SATORI design trend has directly inspired our design and styling teams through show home design