Is your show home working?

Whether supporting healthy, happy lifestyles, personal offices or family fun, homes need to perform more than ever. Our recent survey aimed to understand how people want their spaces to start working harder. We gathered a number of interesting findings, giving us much to consider as we ensure we stay at the forefront of show home design.

Home Office

There was a strong recognition that spaces may need to be created or modified into permanent home studies in future developments. While the kitchen was deemed to be the most important room overall, how will they, or other rooms evolve and can we adapt them as successful multi-functioning spaces in the future?

Show homes were regarded as a critical sales tool for developments. Although there appears to be an increasing appetite for virtual walkthroughs, how can we balance these options with the irreplaceable physical experience, and maintain the ability to touch, feel and see materials and textures in the flesh?

We hope these snippets whet the appetite. We recognise this new world needs new spaces, so look out for our full guide featuring the latest insights and trend forecasting. Let's make sure your show homes don’t get left behind.

Home Office

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