Hygge – embrace the Scandinavian living

As winter well and truly takes hold, make the most of staying indoors and embrace some Scandinavian living, bringing “Hygge” into your home.

It’s that time of year when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Evenings are dark and cold which makes staying inside, switching off and getting cosy ever more appealing.

The Danes are famous for their chilled out, relaxed lifestyle, making them the happiest people in the world along with many other Scandinavian countries. Hygge, although having been around for a few years now, continues to be extremely popular and is a very simple concept to take on board.

Hygge (pronounced “hue-guh” not “hoo-gah”) doesn’t have one simple meaning but relates to a feeling or moment of well-being and cosiness, whether that’s an everyday pleasure or something out of the ordinary. It can be cosying up to a fire with a cup of hot chocolate, gathering around a dining table for food and wine with friends or settling down in a warm comfy sofa with a good book. It is a concept that can be embraced all year round but really translates as something special in the cold, harsh winter.

Here’s how to embrace Hygge around the home...


Hygge Texture

Texture is one of the main components to creating Hygge in the home and it’s soft, luxurious materials that instantly bring warmth and cosiness to interiors. Layer up beautiful fabrics to add depth and dimension to your space.

Think chunky cable knit blankets, plush fur throws and soft sumptuous rugs to bring not only warmth but luxury and glamour to your cosy space.


Beautiful dimly lit interiors are the key to creating cosiness. Stock up on candles and use them in abundance throughout your home. They are a simple and inexpensive way to bring warmth and intimacy to any room within your home.

Choose large, chunky candles in lanterns, grouped by a fireplace or smaller collections of tealights scattered across a coffee table or lined up along a mantelpiece to add a twinkle to your Hygge home. Candles are also the perfect tool to fragrance a room and help you unwind after a long, hard day.

Hygge Light


Hygge Colour

To embrace Hygge all year round and enjoy a real sense of well-being and contentment in your home, look to muted colour tones and natural shades to decorate your space.

The fundamentals of Scandinavian interiors are their love of pared back beauty, simplicity and use of natural materials. Look towards soft greys, warm taupes and shades of off-white when decorating with Hygge in mind.

These calming tones with assist in creating a relaxed space, perfect to unwind in.


Hygge is all about being in a relaxed, happy and content state of mind – so make your house reflect this. Don’t attempt to over style your home like something from a photo shoot or magazine as this is not real life.

Throw blankets over your bed, layer up throws on your sofa and scatter your belongings throughout your home, make your space yours.

Hygge Style


Hygge Simplicity

Remember also however, that less is more and the simpler things in life can also be Hygge.

Having family photos up around the house, taking in the view from your window on a beautiful morning or enjoying an evening dinner by candlelight can be ways to embrace this way of living.