HR is helping a growing SME make an impact

Here’s a Blog from HR, never written one before and it’s taken me some time to get on with it, let’s be honest, who wants to read about HR when you can look at the truly amazing stuff my peers get up to!  HR can, at times have a bit of a boring, PC brigade type reputation, but thankfully the old stereotype of a HR Department is a thing of the past.

At SBI, HR is seen as a vital function to support the business grow, which is why a year ago the business invested in a new HR function to ensure that its biggest asset is well looked after – its employees!!

Ilisha and I joined the business back in September 2016 and one of the things that quickly became very apparent was the secret to its success so far was, quite simply, the people.  SBI are very proud to have a hugely talented, dedicated, hardworking, loyal and just genuinely really lovely group of people in every part of the business.

Ilisha Dowdeswell Ilisha Dowdeswell
Kate McMorine Kate McMorine

A journey of growth whilst maintaining culture

2017 for us has been a year of rolling our sleeves up and getting stuck in to putting the HR processes in place to help ensure SBI’s talented team are supported on a journey of growth whilst maintaining its culture.  It’s been vital for us to engage, challenge and be a listening ear, we quickly learnt that being stuck at our desks for too long wasn’t going to make an impact.  The business needed to retain the quality and intimacy of the way it works with their customers, which meant finding a HR style and approach to support this, keeping things simple and flexible, reflecting and observing, avoiding stifling the business with too much.

Joining the Family

Joining SBI didn’t feel at all like joining a Company, it felt like joining a new family of dedicated people who want to be successful, but have fun and get along with each other while they were at it.

Yes, it’s a busy environment with its challenges and frustrations that get thrown at us day to day.  We’ve seen the warehouse team travelling long distances starting at the ‘crack of dawn’ (whilst also trying to locate the owner of the orange underpants that mysteriously arrived!!), stylist teams working weekends, staying away from home and families, the sales team filling every hour satisfying our customers and winning new business, our design team maintain their wonderful creative flair whilst managing volume of work, the operations team logistically going mad with spreadsheets, changes, changes, and more changes to schedule and installation, the accounts team keeping hold of the purse strings and you can’t forget Jane who keeps us on our toes with her wonderful colourful data.

Yet we all come back the next day for more and quite often still with a smile on our faces! Not every day does it all seem so rosy and we do fall out from time to time, but what we know is that everyone is keen and committed to do a great job to the highest standard, supportive of their peers and more importantly no matter what part of the business we work in the customer is always at the heart of everything we do.

There’s a sense of problem solving, passion to get it right and be the best in our industry, which we most definitely are!


Accelerated growth

As SBI’s growth accelerates rapidly into 2018 with a dispersed workforce, our next HR priorities will be looking at resource management, engagement and communication. One of the things that’s so special about working at SBI is its creative culture which is encouraged in everything we do and it’s vital this is maintained as we grow.

"When I’m recruiting new people it’s the quality talent, skills and experiences that get them through the door, it’s their attitude and behaviour that seals the deal and finally the right rewards, engagement, training and development that motivates them to stay and grow with us!"

So what's next?

A lot of what we are trying to support the business with doesn’t just happen in the HR office downstairs, its embedded in all areas of the business.  Human Resource is all about the employees and that’s why here at SBI we are keen to involve everybody in what we do.

Some letters from HR
Dear other SME’s out there - if you are wondering whether to invest in HR, go for it and don’t hesitate to get in touch, we can share our story with you- we are always looking to network with similar organisations to share knowledge.
Dear my SBI colleagues – if we land on a desk next to you one day it’s because we fancy a change of scenery and like to be in the thick of it- that’s how we’ll learn,  keep in touch with what you do, and appreciate all your challenges. Please don’t think we’re there to keep an eye on you or assess you in any way, so please don’t change being you!
Dear Future SBI Colleagues – if you want to join our business we promise a culture that’s commercially strong, strategic in its thinking, as organised as any large corporate organisation, but with a small family feel where every role is as important as the next!

Thanks for reading our blog, I hope it might have changed your perception of what HR is for, showed you what we are passionate to achieve and inspired you to get involved!