Dulux colour of the year: Heart Wood

In the fast paced society we live in today, with the work/life balance becoming increasingly blurred and the world being in a general state of uncertainty and instability, we need now more than ever for our homes to be a place of peace and tranquillity.


Interior trends are shifting towards that of simplicity… with mixed textures, pared back colours and more use of natural materials taking over our designs. There is a higher demand for homes to be calm and comfortable, a place to really shut off from the world, but also to exude luxury and serenity - like coming home to a “spa retreat”. When times are tough and all that is seen in the media are worrying stories, there is less and less that we can now control in our own lives. Except our homes. This is the place we can really make our own and turning our home into a personal sanctuary has just got easier…

The new neutral

Introducing Dulux’s colour of the year for 2018 – “Heart Wood”. A soft, warm pink with hints of taupe, heather and mauve. Experts have come together at Dulux to select this beautifully versatile colour as their “hero colour” as it ticks all the boxes for creating that peaceful and serene tranquillity at home which can be related to all around the world, especially in these current times of uncertainty. It mixes dusty pink with grey, and warm blush tones to create a wonderfully warm neutral. Not quite as strong as the deep blues and greens we have seen a lot of in interiors so far this year, more feminine than the “good old grey” so frequently used but also softer and more contemporary than previous shades of mauve or lilac, Heart Wood is the “new neutral” for 2018.

Wood heart inspiration

^ Image courtesy dulux.co.uk

By introducing this paint colour into your home it creates a soft, calming warmth which is cosy yet stylish and immediately invites you in to a serene atmosphere. Paring this colour correctly can produce an array of versatile schemes to suit any home and family. Mixed with cool greys and masculine blues it creates a calm yet contemporary feel, while taupes, mustards and terracotta shades can turn rooms into elegant, vintage style spaces. This shade sits well with natural materials for example, soft beige or off white coloured woods but also warm metals such as copper or brass.

The tones to the colour means it can create that sense of peace and tranquillity in a home when paired with the right materials and can even move towards establishing “Hygge” – the ever popular Danish concept which has been creeping into interior design for the last couple of years.

More wood heart inspiration

^ Image courtesy dulux.co.uk


Hygge can translate to mean a sense of contentment, comfort and happiness, altogether brought about by simple elements. The word is used to acknowledge a special feeling or moment and is always cosy, charming and special. Whether that be settling down in front of a fire or enjoying the company of friends under strings of lights at a dining table, interior design plays a large part within this concept. It combines soft, calming, neutral paint colours with a mix of textures - fur, wool, velvet and suede as well as adding the perfect lighting to create the Hygge home and bring about this Danish way of life which so many of us are aiming for…

Heart Wood really encapsulates not only this concept and way of life but the feeling of calm, purity and sense of being “at home” that we all crave. Dulux have shown here with their hero colour that paint really can transform homes into luxurious sanctuaries and in then turn transform the mood of the homeowners in a current world of noise, stress and uncertainty…

Images courtesy of dulux.co.uk