Gardens or Outdoor Rooms?

Over recent years, the garden has become a more poignant ‘room’ in our homes, with many of us taking much more consideration to the décor, ambiance and comfort element to this space. ‘Bringing the indoors out’ is a statement that reflects and summarises what people want from their outside living spaces, extending their living alfresco not just by dragging the living and dining room furniture outside but having the same quality and feel running organically throughout the home. Where once a neat border between home and garden was popular, now the latest trend is to merge these spaces and forget about the indoor-outdoor divide and create an extension for stylish comfort in their homes.

The evolution of outdoor furniture has become very popular in the UK over the last decade, long gone are the once fashion dictated white resin chairs and tables and the fold out deck chairs that only made an appearance from the garage when the sun shined. The evolution of our garden spaces has been possible because of improving technologies involved in the manufacturing of outdoor furniture, so we have more choice available than ever. Although wooden furniture is still desirable to many, a plethora of interesting new materials are now emerging.

When considering outdoor seating, design your space like you would any other room. Think about the walk through as well as sunspots, the placement of your guests and family, think about the movement of people. Consider the social atmosphere, yet at the same time aim to create a relaxed ambiance with stylish simplicity. Modular garden furniture is an innovative outdoor sofa concept which allows you to create a social space to relax and share rare experiences. With Bridgeman’s Kingston range, you can create the perfect garden sofa set of almost any size or shape, with waterproof cushions available for added durability. Rustic tones satisfy the need for authenticity and provide warm tones, adding tangerine, taupe and burnt sienna.

Kingston Modular Sofa Set by Bridgeman

^ Kingston Modular Sofa Set by Bridgeman

If bringing the indoors out is something you want to take quite literally, Made have recently released a collection by James Harrison of outdoor furniture styled like indoor furniture, offering the weather proof Jonah sofa which cleverly looks like it could fit a range of living spaces. However if it’s more of a dining space you’d like to create rather than a lounge, there’s fabulous handwoven rattan furniture available at Artelia Design, making it possible to extend an eating elegance outside. Basket and raffia weaves provide texture as well as an organic, meditative look which ties in well with our Spring Summer 2018 trend, Botanical Oasis. If your space is smaller, the Maui bistro set by Made Studio is a great way to extend your dining space. Maui’s chevron pattern and striking on trend colourway make this bistro set a must for any design-led garden.

Maui Bistro Set in Cadillac Blue by Made

^ Left: Maui Bistro Set in Cadillac Blue by Made. Right: A Spring Summer 2018 design trend, Botanical Oasis

By arranging your outdoor furniture in interesting ways, you can create a social space that works as well in your garden as it does in the sitting room, although ideally neither dining sets nor sofas should block the view of the garden. A low central table for drinks and candles completes this type of arrangement, though some garden designers take the ‘sitting room alfresco’ concept to its ultimate conclusion with subtle lighting and a central fire pit. A fire pit will provide warmth and lighting even after sunset. If you’re warm, dry and comfortable, why would you head inside? Prolonging your time outside really emphasises the fusion of your indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing you to extend family time to different rooms in your home. Glammfire’s Stravaganza Fire Pit is a perfect statement for any outdoor living space, featuring a geometric exterior sculpted from industrial carbon steel. This contemporary piece plays precise angles off against the organic, allowing you to burn firewood or charcoal in the centre.

Stravaganza Fire Pit by Glammfire

^ Stravaganza Fire Pit by Glammfire

Now more than ever there seems to be focus on the desire for a permanent outdoor space to use all year-round, some opting for decked areas rather than grass. Taking this concept up a level, some flooring companies have developed indoor/outdoor tiling to allow you to unify your spaces with a single design. Creating a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor areas extends your space whilst keeping a beautiful, unified aesthetic. Prima Porcelain’s current range of flooring products lets you to marry your spaces with a single design and come in a wide variety of materials from slate to limestone. This trend is very much favoured by designers that like the concept of bringing the outside in.

While considering flooring, rugs are another typical indoor feature making a transition to the outdoor living space. The idea of adding comfort to your garden with ‘traditionally thought of’ indoor items makes perfect sense when adding comfort and opening up the home from one area into the next. Rather than retreating indoors, cosy and familiar pieces can be added outside to create a haven to escape to from everyday life. The Zephyr Green/Yellow Indoor Outdoor Area Rug by Wayfair is great for a patio or terrace and is very light, making it easy to place it in a different room.

 Zephyr Green/Yellow Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug by Wayfair

^ Zephyr Green/Yellow Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug by Wayfair

So, embrace your garden and add a little comfort to make your outside décor as homely, inviting and fabulous as your interior space!