Design team visit to NEC Autumn show

At the start of September our design team visited the Autumn Fair show at the NEC in Birmingham, which showcases Gift and Homeware accessories. Here’s a heads up on a few exciting new companies and sector trends in the pipeline, that you can expect to see on the high street in the year ahead.

Digital Wave Trend

This trend is inspired by the 1980s, with a monochrome palette being used alongside pops of primary colours such as red and yellow and electric fluorescent tones. It also combines the themes of Analogue nostalgia and Ath-leisure, with a nod to sports inspired lines in furniture and homewares. This can be seen in the form of wire frames or cages which was evident at the show in various light fittings and pendants.


Edgelands Trend

This trend celebrates the home-made look and DIY elements to the home. It's about nomadic spaces and sharing space in the home. We see hints of domestic craft such as crochet, doilies, chintz floral and layered patterns. This is combined with the handmade unfinished; with concrete, galvanised metals and matt chalky pastels being a prominent feature, as seen in various kitchen and homeware accessories on display.


Encounter Culture Trend

This trend essentially broaches the aspect of travel mixed with sustainability. As expected, this is a very tactile and textural trend, looking at materials such as bamboo, hemp, bark and linen. This is enriched with a bright colour palette of the Caribbean and Bolivia; bright hues of turquoise and mango yellow with lush tropical greens with hints of cocoa brown and black. The textures of bamboo and cork nod toward the durability aspect whilst terracotta brings through the craft theme again. In terms of fabrics and papers we see jungle foliage as inspiration with palm leaves, vegetation and floral repeats in abundance.

At the show one of the more notable aspects that represented this trend was the plethora of cactuses and house plants, bringing nature back into the home.


Pause Trend

The ‘Pause’ trend is a marked shift from the overload of technology that plagues our modern lives. It is about switching off and disconnecting from the non-sensory computers and telephones and re-discovering tactility- scents and touch. As anticipated this trend encompasses a soft colour palette of neutrals, skin pink, apricots and off white mixed with precious metallics and fine lines. Thick oversized knits are married with small motif patterns to create balance- which is an essential theme of the pause trend. In furniture this trend can be seen in brass, blanched copper and muted gold pieces mixed with others of frosted glass, as well as moulded curvy linear items.