A cosy moorland home, a trend for Autumn/Winter

As we move away from summer and into the winter months let’s take a look at one of the trends having a big influence on the world of interior design and home decoration.

This is a trend that has an enchanting mood and it relates in part to unexpected encounters with nature. It takes inspiration from the captivating aesthetics of heathlands and misty moors; there is a real ‘Wuthering Heights’ influence here. It seeks out the rawness, and even the destructive qualities of nature, embracing heather, bracken and deep green forestry. There is an untamed expression of natural processes and materials that filters through into architecture, product design and also into our lifestyles; a trend that echo’s a dark romanticism.

This trend’s palette is a dramatic collection of rich colours, many of which have a grey cast. The palette reflects a growing desire for colours that project a luxurious richness, yet also have a strong connection to nature.

Deep purple hues, heather tones and soft mauve shades will be an important colour family for this coming winter. Luscious deep plum reflects our passion for the finer things in life, a respect for history and deep love for the complexity of the modern world. The evocative nature of this colour is enhanced by deep marsala and fortified wine colours and looks dramatic alongside earthy greens.

Green continues to be important, as well as the growing winter greens we also see a vintage look bracken brown. It again associates us with the moorlands and deep winter forests. It gives a reclaimed and rustic effect when paired with grey-toned neutrals.

There is an introduction of heritage and traditional patterned fabrics; often seen in men’s suiting; come through in new and exciting ways. Houndstooth, herringbone, tartan checks and tweed create perfect pattern platforms for tableware products, carpet design and upholstery. Leaves, foliage and woodland scenes are layered up to create intertwining patterns, they appear to creep and grow naturally across both hard and soft materials; seen in tile design, wallpaper and textile prints. The material focus for interior design includes grey toned rustic woods, deep grain leathers and earthy concrete textures; embracing cosy, contemporary and organic qualities.


Florals also make an interesting appearance in this trend. Densely packed dark, luxurious florals introduce expressive pattern with a subtle vintage charm. Wallpaper by Ellie Cashman (image 1) sets an enchanting mood; it has a traditional appeal with a modern twist evoking a sense of comfort and opulence with wild characteristics. A similar effect is also created by designer Marcin Rusak who produces intricate flora collections using resin and flowers for intriguing furniture pieces (image 2). This style has most recently been seen in fashion as the dark florals make an appearance in high street brands such as Warehouse (image 3). A wonderful print for those autumnal days.


As they emerge out of the darkness and into the light, flowers provide us with powerful symbols of our common human longing for transcendence.

Ellie Cashman

This is also a wonderful and traditional Christmas trend which translates as being both rustic and natural yet warm, inviting and deeply romantic. It has a country house feel with weathered and worn elements alongside organic and over grown qualities. There are subtle touches of glamorous materials and luxury metallics, along with a love of rustic and natural styling. There is an emphasis on the natural charm of the British countryside and a ‘country house’ feel incorporating the glorious heather tones and earthy qualities.