Author: Corrie McLellan

SATORI design trend

SATORI is a Design Trend that began to emerge during the Spring/Summer of 2020 SATORI is not only a design trend but a lifestyle choice; one I am certainly keen to explore. Here is why… The longevity of SATORI is influenced by it’s relevance to wellbeing, calm, sanctuary, sustainability and purpose. Certainly something which has […]

Tomorrow’s Kitchen Today

For years, the Kitchen has been the heart of the home. It alone was responsible for ‘opening up’ the ground floor of most new houses and driven the alteration of many existing homes to achieve the same result. The Kitchen didn’t so much as merge with the dining room and lounge, it acquired them! A […]

Raising money on Christmas Jumper Day

It’s the most magical time of the year – fairy lights, baubles, snowmen and Christmas trees… all on a jumper?! Show Business took part in the Christmas Jumper Day again this year – we dressed to impress and got into the festive spirit and managed to raise £48 just for wearing our favourite festive knits. […]

Gardens or Outdoor Rooms?

Over recent years, the garden has become a more poignant ‘room’ in our homes, with many of us taking much more consideration to the décor, ambiance and comfort element to this space. ‘Bringing the indoors out’ is a statement that reflects and summarises what people want from their outside living spaces, extending their living alfresco […]

Eating in and yet Eating Out

A fascinating phenomenon is steadily sweeping through restaurants and homes around the world involving a reversal of styles. Many restaurants are now offering unusual opportunities for social interaction akin to home entertaining, whilst in contrast we also see a trend towards people creating dining environments in their own homes more akin to that of restaurants. […]

Our top colour tips for 2017

Let us guide you through our predictions for the top colours of 2017 in the world of interiors (in no particular order might we add). A quick Google image search will show that some of these colours have already begun to filter into our lives, through fashion, retail and interior products. We’ll see how these predictions pan out […]

Maison et Objet 2017

Our adventures in Paris for Maison et Objet 2017 involved… Number of days = 3 Number of Halls = 8 Number of miles walked = 26!

Modern Design Lessons from Ancient Japan

As we look ahead with enthusiasm to a future filled with wearable technology, haptic interfaces, augmented reality and smart everything, we must also be mindful to look back and take some lessons from the innovations and wisdoms of the past. Natural dye techniques, wood preserving methods, needle crafts, slow surface design techniques, the working & […]

Christmas Cheer

Message from our MD Jackie Summerfield:   I received the below email the day after our Christmas Party, and it just made me feel so proud – this sums our wonderful business up! …   Jackie   – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – […]

Signal Radio Hero Awards

Each year Signal Radio celebrates the people of Staffordshire and Cheshire who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make a difference. Taking place on 19 October at Crewe Hall, the glamorous black tie ceremony saw Show Business Interiors sponsor the “Bravery Award.” It proved to be a moving and emotional evening filled with truly […]